Virtual Assistant Live Chat Services

Our live chat services are tailored to assist your website visitor into a potential lead. The point is, time is money; statistics prove that someone who delays making a purchase will more than likely NOT follow through with it.

With our live chat service, your dedicated virtual assistant can answer pre-sales questions instantly thus avoiding the slow back-and-forth sending of emails - also offering a discount while in chat, which would obviously send your conversion rates through the roof. All this happens in real-time, while they are in your website. We work 24/7 to provide your website visitors to assure that a team committed to monitor and to make smooth customer support certain will always back you.

Our live chat operators will:

•  Act as human (virtual) face of your company for its customer, giving them a personalized feel while delivering the services and holding the customer intact to your company through two-way communication process.

•  Initiate a conversation with your prospects via proactive chat to help retain the impatient visitors by helping them explore your website, make them familiar with your company’s offerings and let them speak out their concerns.

•  Recommend products and services you offer in response to the customer’s present and future requirements.

•  Answer your customer's questions, where faster and accurate responses to the inquiries of your customers will gain their trust and loyalty.

•  Guide your prospect through your website and make them more familiar with your company’s culture just as a tour guide would, whilst giving it a personal touch.

•  Strengthen customer loyalty by delighting your customers with the feedback about their queries and hence making them customer evangelists, thus loyalty would follow suit.



Over 200 extremely satisfied customers!

7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

Samuel has displayed an outstanding skill set in becoming as my onshore team. With his help - now my company respond the chat and email inquiry in quick turn around time. I'm impressed and I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for a hard-working, organized assistant.

7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

Austin is an amazing talent and has really showed the willingness to learn my product and excel at any task assigned. His response to my inquiry has impressed more and the conversion is really high. Now I'm using them as part of my support team on each month.

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