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Search engine optimization increases the quantity and quality of website visitors through strategic efforts including on page optimization, white-hat backlink building, content syndication, and employing various other methods to help websites rank towards the top of the search engines.

High Quality Leads

If someone is searching for you and finds you through their own efforts, they are far more likely to want to listen to and engage with you. All other efforts outside of referrals will simply be a cold form of leads, which will always have a lower conversion rate.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Many companies rely too heavily on outbound efforts, which provides you with lower quality leads and requires a great deal of time and effort. Your best leads will always be from the customers who find you organically online. Cold calling will require a sales team, which requires money, training, and time.

Financial Stability

Customers finding you online is still the king of financial stability for businesses. Maybe it’s a slow season, your outbound sales numbers are low, and the cost of ads are too much. Still, if your website is ranked and optimized for conversion people will still find you and buy from you without you having to make a continuous effort.

A PR Strategy

The key is white-hat link building. Earning high-quality links from high-ranking websites is a key to any SEO strategy. An SEO professional must always identify opportunities for placement and coverage on news publications, industry-related blogs, and industry-related websites. Doing so will greatly benefit your SEO as well your PR efforts.


PPC ads are often needed at the start of a campaign as properly done SEO is not an overnight process. Research shows that customers are far more likely to click on organic Google listings vs paid ones. Customers understand relevance and will usually opt for the more relevant (1st page) organic listings.

Brand Awareness

SEO will help potential customers to become more aware of your brand. Awareness is critical because your website visitors may not purchase on their first visit to your site. However, being aware of your brand and offerings on a large scale will always lead to positive results down the road.

Company Value

The value of your business is greatly impacted by search rankings because it is a projector of future business. If you were to ever sell your business, potential buyers know that SEO rankings as a valuable asset that will provide financial value for years to come.

Permanent Results

While SEO never stops, the work you have done to rank the website will never go away, providing you with long-term results long after the initial work was done. Unless you start doing black-hat tactics, your rankings should always remain strong.

Be Competitive

If you own a small business, you may struggle when it comes to outspending larger competitors for the most competitive keywords in AdWords. Still, large companies will sometimes ignore SEO because their advertising budget is huge. They may also not be focusing on the low hanging fruit keywords that may be easy wins for you.

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