Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers for a business or freelancer, putting them through some sort of qualification process, and securing accurate contact information for the purposes of making an eventual sale. Additionally, warm leads are preferred and happens when a person or company inquires directly about your product or service.

Eliminate Cold Calling

Nobody we know loves cold calling. It’s awkward, takes a full-time effort, and has an enormously low conversion rate. Instead, have people come to you because they found you and want to talk to you. Warm leads are always a company’s best prospects.

Shortens Sales Cycles

Cold leads take a long time to warm up (no pun intended) because they weren’t looking for you in the first place. This means they were not in the market for your services in the first place, thus making it harder to build trust and close the sale.

Easier Sales

Nobody likes hearing non-stop rejection all day long, which can happen if you are cold calling off of lists or even using a paid list for all that matter. Selling can be enjoyable if you are talking to people who made it known that they want to talk to you specifically.

Save Time

If you are not calling warm leads, you are probably spending a great deal of time going through cold leads to find a warm prospect. This loss of time is detrimental to productivity of you and your employees. This can now be better used as you will no longer need to make large outbound efforts.

Saves Money

Companies typically spend anywhere from a $5-$500/lead, depending on what they sell. If you generate your own warm leads, your cost per lead should be substantially less money while offering a higher conversion rate.

More Upsells

Most companies offer multiple services and while your lead may have located you as some who can take care of one need, they may have other needs to be met, and if someone comes to you for your help, you are in a better position to offer more solutions.

Improve Productivity

Employees are entrepreneurs who are tasked with generating leads lose productivity because they often spend a great deal of mental energy finding ways to manage and generate a lot of unqualified leads. Without this burden, these individuals can focus on the core competencies of their work.

Reduced Business Expenses

A heavy focus on outbound lead generation efforts raises your overall expenses because you have to pay employees, get multiple software programs for what may not yield a positive ROI. If you outsource your lead generation to a company that has lead generation down to a science, you should have fewer expenses as it relates to finding leads.

Scale Your Business

With lead generation, you can always invest more or invest less depending on what you can handle. You determine what you can handle. Scaling can be as easy as re-investing the money you have made in order to generate more leads and eventually sales.

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