About Us

Our Intention

Created with the intention of providing the many businesses and sole traders out there who need a little help with their workflow, 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM provides a huge array of services to those who need it most. Our main aim is therefore to help professionals reduce their workload and allow them to live the dream.

Our Quality Services

Whether you require a more structured personal life or your business is struggling to meet demand, you can get a quality service that will be carried out by a professional through 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM. We ensure that our hand-picked teams of experts only bring the most delicate and professional approach to any task they undertake, so you can be sure that when you are working with 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM, you are only getting the most dedicated response.

Our Team

With a team of versatile and talented marketing experts, content gurus, time management and lifestyle management professionals, virtual assistants, internet marketers and researchers to let you get on with the biggest problems you are most likely to face in any day of work!

Our Time Management

Most businesses struggle to get off the ground because they do not have an effective time management structure, but with the help of 7 Virtual Assistant Services you can have that time to yourself to ensure that you are making your presence felt, while you get value for money content and advertising expertise to boost your sales and profits for the long-term. The reality is not like this for most people, unfortunately. However, with our assistance you have that exactly when you need it. Our dedicated teams are split into different groups and sections to guarantee that no matter what our clients need, we can provide it.